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Original written for Crowbait Theater Deathmatch’s “under” theme in February 2019. The show won the evening and was placed in the King of the Crows XIII.

When KOTC XIII was cancelled the cast and director opted to record a staged version of the show.

Directed by Harlan Baker
Photography by Reginald Groff
Written and Edited by Joe Swenson
Music Provided by Broken Arts Entertainment

Starring Eric Darrow Worthing, Ashley Hamboyan, Tyler Costigan, and Erin McNeilly.

The Montgomery family eats every dinner in complete silence, other than asking for this or that. A silence that has lasted exactly one year. As the tensions build, the family continues to feed table scraps to the service dog, Scraps under the table. Today, February 7th 2019, is different though. The silence is broken and a family on the brink of a breakdown, plunges deeper into the hole that Scraps has been digging, through no fault of the dog.

“Quarantine 2038: The Introduction”

his is called the introduction because we intend to introduce you to the Quarantine 2038 world, but through the eyes of these two teenagers who are in the beginning stages of a relationship.

Year: 2038
Location: Nashua Quarantine, Northern New England Province

Story: It’s the beginning of another lockdown in the Nashua Quarantine. Both Dag and Mo-Mo have grown up in this world where there have been pandemics, variants, mutations, new pandemics, and two wars. Dag is the son of a prominent Quarantine politician and Mo-Mo is the daughter of the Director of C.I.D.E. Ultimately they want what most of us have experienced during the 2020/2021 pandemic, human connection.

This is the introduction to a world that has changed in many ways and if you follow the ripple effects closely, you can see how the world that is created here could happen. No professional sports, no more social media, everything has changed.

Here is the order of shows:

The Introduction
EP1: Three Months In
EP2: Mutation
EP3: Safety In Power
EP4: Redemption
EP5: Uprising Part 1
EP6: Uprising Part 2
EP7: Uprising Part 3

“Quarantine 2038: Three Months In”

The year is 2038 and the world has changed based on the ripple effects of a pandemic and a divisive political environment. It’s three months after you were introduced to teenage love interests, Mo-Mo Montgomery (Zara Boss) and Dag Willikins (Stanley Kimball). The lockdown put in place by Center for Infectious Disease Eradication (C.I.D.E.) Director, David Montgomery (Randy Hunt) is about to be lifted. A possible outbreak of the SARS-COV-2 virus in the Outlands puts that in jeopardy as surviving this latest epidemic becomes a series of desperate choices and somehow new Trade Faction employee and The Great Separations War veteran, Stephon Cheyenne (Jack Davis) is caught in the middle. Or is he? What he knows is that his friends Nikki and Mel Veatch (Heather and Emma Eukitis) are not doing well. Reporter Naomi Ruttlege (Helen Caldwell) is seeking leverage to assist the Outlanders in gaining access to the Nashua Quarantine for medical relief. Officer Yaz Lincoln (Aric Walton) is thrown into the fray as someone has chosen to leave the safety of the Quarantine.

Starring Zara Boss, Stanley Kimball, Randy Hunt, Jack Davis, Emma Eukitis, Aric Walton, Helen Caldwell, and Heather Eukitis.

Featuring Hal Cohen and a fine group of extras for our press corps.

Music by Think Fish Tank, Zara Boss, and Josh Newton

Video, Graphic, and Sound editing by Stanley Kimball and Joe Swenson

Cinematography by Stanley Kimball and Joe Swenson through Zoom

Written and Directed by Joe Swenson

This is an act of fiction, and likeness or resemblance to anything real is because we didn’t get our act together and fix what is broken about our society.

“Quarantine 2038: Mutation

he year is 2038 and Mo-Mo Montgomery (Zara Boss), daughter of the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Eradication (CIDE) has been kidnapped. Her boyfriend, Dagonet Willikins (Stanley Kimball) has left the protective walls of the Nashua Quarantine to find her.

Mo-Mo is being held at the Veatch’s house as the disease continues to impact both Mel and Nikki (Emma and Heather Eukitis). Stephon “The Kid” Cheyenne tries to throw bounty hunters of their sent by giving them a valuable option for taking.

Quarantine Enforcement Agent (QEA) Yaz Lincoln (Aric Walton) tries to navigate through an investigation and efforts to secure the teens remotely as the Outlands are out of his jurisdiction. Naomi Ruttlege (Helen Crawford) of Outlander Public Media (OPM) seems to have things under control, but it would appear that none of these people actually have individualistic control.

Enter bounty hunter Destiny McGonnigle (Molly McGill), equipped with a World War II era sniper rifle and a revolver, she has been hired to bring Dag in for a nice ransom and is ordered to deliver Dag to Mike Wilson (Steve Corning), the Commandant of the Appalachia Guard, the East Coast’s largest militia.

All of this while Dr. David Montgomery (Randy Hunt) grows weary of what road lies ahead and what secrets might be unraveled by his daughter, Mo-Mo, or perhaps the City Council and their figurehead Councilwoman Karen Willikins (Shari Peppard).

By the end of this episode, you won’t know who’s on what side, who’s working for who as it’s not just the virus that might be mutating, relationships are on the line.

Featuring original songs by Zara Boss, Josh Newton, and ThinkFishTank.