The Art We Make

Broken Arts Entertainment is a dynamic company that has ventured into the world of film with a significant financial investment, showcasing their commitment to the craft and the industry. With an arsenal of high-quality film equipment worth thousands of dollars, the company is well-equipped to produce cinematic content that has the potential to redefine genres and set new standards in filmmaking.


Understanding the importance of starting small and scaling sensibly, Broken Arts Entertainment has also embraced the world of podcasts. Podcasts serve as a cost-effective medium that allows the company to build its brand and audience base without the substantial upfront costs associated with film production. This strategic move not only showcases the company’s savvy business acumen but also its adaptability to various forms of media. By leveraging the accessibility and growing popularity of podcasts, they can create a sustainable business model that fuels their larger aspirations in the film industry.


With a foot firmly planted in both traditional and new media, Broken Arts Entertainment is positioned to grow its presence in the entertainment sector. Their openness to all forms of media indicates a forward-thinking approach that does not limit the scope of their creative expression or business opportunities. This diversification ensures they can reach a broad audience, appeal to different tastes, and stay relevant in the rapidly evolving landscape of media and entertainment.

Work with us

At the heart of our production company lies an unwavering enthusiasm for original and groundbreaking narratives. Broken Arts Entertainment is always eager to explore fresh perspectives and unique tales that resonate with today’s audiences. If you have an original work primed for dramatic performance, we would be thrilled to consider it for our lineup. We believe in nurturing and giving a platform to innovative voices, so if you’re passionate about your script and think it aligns with our vision, don’t hesitate to reach out. For more details or to submit your script, please contact us. Let’s embark on a creative journey together!